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Art in the Garden: Murals at the Dubuque Jaycees Community Garden

Posted By Bryce Parks on September 01, 2011

Sisters Alison and Natalie Fraehlich designed and painted vibrant murals for the gates to the Dubuque Jaycees Community Garden.  Alison created the exterior butterfly mural, and Natalie created the interior landscape mural.  Alison is a recent Hempstead graduate, and Natalie is entering her junior year at Wahlert.  The pair both enjoy drawing and painting and have had their work exhibited at the Dubuque Museum of Art.  They completed the project with the help of their aunt Jeanne Schiltz, a member of the Dubuque Jaycees. Click here for a gallery of photos of the murals on our Facebook Page.

Posted By Bryce Parks on July 02, 2011

This visualization of Earth—made by anthropologist Félix Pharand—shows urban areas, shipping routes, global roads and air networks. It gives a very good idea on how big our species' physical impact on the planet really is.

So big, in fact, that scientists are thinking about starting a new geological era: The Anthropocene. Read more and see the "big" picture at, click here.
What's Killing Your Electric Bill!

Posted By Bryce Parks on July 02, 2011

Did you know that you cable tv set-top box and your satellite tv box use much more energy, even when they are not being used than your refrigerator uses. And it runs all day. Yeah, we didn't know either. Click the title above for a frightening little graphic and a link to a big article about the evil epidemic from Popular Science.